About Simple File Exchange

Why is it so hard to send a large file today?

  1. Attach the file to your email
  2. Click "Send"
  3. Wait a few moments...
  4. Boom! Sorry, the file attachment was to large to send.

Isn't that frustrating?

We built Simple File Exchange because as web workers, and as a virtual team, we send a lot of files between each other. Collaboration happens when the tools just get out of your way, and this tool helps when dealing with large files between us and clients, server deployments and everything in between.

We're making it easy to send big files, small files, send that page PDF doc or that video or audio track you've been working on.

You choose when the file should be deleted, helping you to keep it private. You also get a slick, well we think it's slick, drag and drop feature for those of you using a good browser. We don't look at your files and don't let anyone else either. To be honest we're uber busy with work and family to even want, or figure out, how to.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about any of this please please please drop us a message through our sister site and let us know your thoughts, wishes, complaints, funny links or to just say hello.